The Nightingale: Book Review

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah has become a modern novel that is skyrocketed to the best-selling list. This novel about two female protagonist’s in World War II moved the hearts of millions of readers. Keep reading to find out why this should be your next read!

The Nightingale Summary 

It is 1939 and World War II is under way and Germany is currently on its way to occupy France. The house of Vianne Muariac is taken up and used as residence by a German office. Vianne’s husband is out to fight and has been captured, leaving Viane and their two-year-old daughter in her care. She has to navigate this new life while protecting those around her at any cost.

Vianne’s younger sister Isabelle is unable to sit back and watch the Germans do whatever they want and actively partakes in the war against Germany. Isabelle’s attitude gets her expelled from school and she leaves Paris and joins the French resistance and does whatever she can to hurt the Germans.

The Nightingale book cover
The Nightingale book review

The Nightingale follows two different stories of sisters fighting back against the Germans in their own way. Will they survive the war and at what cost? 


This is one of my favorite novels and this novel made me a Kristin Hannah fan instantly. She is able to perfectly capture emotions, the plight of her characters and is able to perfectly word it. As a reader, you cannot help but be amazed and moved by her writing.

The novel itself touches on a lot of issues. What Hannah does here is tell the tale of World War II from the perspective of two amazing female protagonists that suffered and still fought back. It does remind me of The Alice Network but it goes a different route with its subject matter.

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If you like World War II novels and want to read a different spin on it, then this is the novel for you. Hannah is an amazing writer and seeing her work firsthand is the best way to experience itHave you read the Nightingale before or plan to in the near future? 

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