Harlan Coban’s 8 Book Recommendations

Harlan Coben is a world-renowned author who has wrote 34 novels which have gone on to sell over 75 million copies. 14 of those novels will soon be turned into movies and tv shows because of a deal Coben made with Netflix in 2018.

Coben is also an avid reader and has many books under his belt. You can see some of his recommendations and choose the ones that stand out most to you and add them to your reading list.

author Harlan Coben
Harlan Coben’s 8 book recommendations

Harlen Coban’s 8 Book recommendations

  1. Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney
  2. Tracy Flick Can’t Win by Tom Perrotta
  3. The Lioness by Chris Bohjalian
  4. Write for Your Life,” by Anna Quindlen
  5. Crying in the Bathroom by Erika L. Sánchez
  6. The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid
  7. Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence by Ken Auletta
  8. The Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls by Samantha Brooke & Jen Taylor

New Books

First off, I want to see that I do not recognize any books on this list. Many of these novels have been recently released which is a big reason why. Usually, I will see books in lists and posts by other readers but that hasn’t been possible for these books.

Coben’s list includes novels and books from different genres so there is something for everyone here. The titles look interesting and if you are curious about any of the novels here, you can visit the original post at USA Today where Coben talks about his selections.


Which novels and books stood out to you the most? Any books that you recognized on this list before? What do you make of Coben’s book recommendations?

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