Daily Prompt: What’s More Important? Community or Individuality?

I came across this thought provoking daily prompt “What’s more important? Community or Individuality? While it may seem like a simple question, nothing is ever truly that simple.

Obviously community is better. A group of people working together to benefit the whole community instead of one person should be the goal. Make sure that everyone is going to benefit. But that has its own problems.

What if some people in the community decide not to do their part. Should they be kicked out of said community? And who is to decide and what is the criteria if there is a panel? A community only works when everyone does their part but not everyone does. Some people will take advantage.

What about individuality? Everyone should look out fort themselves. That is generally how most people live because when something bad happens, more then likely, people are not going to come to your aid. You have only yourself. While that mindset keeps the individual afloat, the community is hurt when people don’t come together to tackle problems affecting them community.

The best answer is to do a little bit of both. Don’t rely too much on the community but also come together to make sure the community as a whole is in a healthy state.

What is your stance on this question? Individuality or Community?

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What’s More Important? Community or Individuality?

  1. Storyteller says:

    I go for both just don’t keep me waiting.
    We used to go out in a large group of around 40 people in my 20s. My friend would appoint himself as the leader and would try the community thing. “Who wants to go to the beach?” It would end up a nightmare as he tried to get agreement from everyone. I would just walk off and do my own thing in the end cause I couldn’t be bothered waiting.

  2. wordsandcoffee1 says:

    I would say both as well. I’d like to think everyone has good intentions for the community to make it work, but there is always someone who has a different goal that doesn’t mesh with the community. Some people are selfish, too, or just want to do the opposite of everyone else. I think it’s really valuable to have some sense of community, though.


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