Daily Prompt: What Game or Universe Would You Like to Live in?

I came across this fun daily prompt and it made me decide to write a prompt. I have been avoiding prompts mostly because of technical issues since it isn’t really related to the theme of my blog but I won’t lose sleep over this one.

If I could choose any Game or Universe to live in, it would most likely be the Harry Potter universe. And only if I can use magic. Otherwise it would be worse than the real world because you are missing out on a magical world that exists. I chose that universe because I really like the idea of using magic and actually going to a school that teaches you how to use magic. That sounds like a fun time.

With that being said, that world seems to always be in chaos. Magic is dangerous when in the wrong hands. It is also easy to kill someone with magic on purpose or by accident. And let’s not even get started on how many dangerous and bizarre potions there are. Or how many wild creatures can kill you.

Even with all that danger in the Harry Potter Universe, I will still like to live in that one. Which universe would you like to live in?

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What Game or Universe Would You Like to Live in?

  1. Miranda Lemon says:

    I agree, the Harry Potter world has a lot of scary magic in it. I think I’d like to choose the Bewitched universe, because they have a lot of fun with magic. I’d want to be Endora, because she knew how to enjoy herself. I never understood why Samantha avoided using her powers so much. 😀

  2. sophreads2022 says:

    Although there would be some danger to living in the Harry Potter world I still think it will be much safer now that Voldemort is gone, so I agree definitely Harry Potter 🙂


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