Feedback: What Did You Think of The Reading Updates?

This is going to be a break from the usual posts to find out a bit more about this format that I tried. I want to see it is something that you guys want to read or not and how to go forward.

If you were here two weeks ago, I was writing posts while reading Ready Player Two by Earnest Cline. It was literally my thoughts from right after I was done reading so they were as fresh as you can get. But the problem that I ran into or I felt like I ran into was that my reflections were a lot more negative than I expected.

Funny enough, I avoided Ready Player Two because of all the bad feedback it got. But I was like “how bad could it be?” The answer was pretty bad. So do not read it unless you want to torture yourself.

If I do this format again, I do think it’ll be a better book than Ready Player Two. Its not a high bar to cross. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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