Daily Prompt: Is Art Important to Society? How

Today I will be answering the daily prompt “Is art important to society? How?” As someone who enjoys art, I could not pass up on answering this question.

Is art important to society? Yes it is. A lot in fact. Art is a way for people to express themselves. Sometimes words are not enough. That is where art comes in. When I say art, I am talking about more than just paintings. Music, theatre, movies, graffiti, dancing, etc.

If there is a society, there will be art. They go hand to hand. We as humans express ourselves in many ways and it is often a way to communicate to others how we feel. Without art, people will be bottling up a lot of emotion that will cause a lot of problems when the person has overloaded.

Do you think art is important to society? How?

1 thought on “Daily Prompt: Is Art Important to Society? How

  1. wordsandcoffee1 says:

    Yes, I love all forms of art! As an English/writing teacher, I like to tell my students that it’s the writers, artists, singers, etc. who change our hearts and minds.


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