Daily Prompt: Summer in a Cabin By a Lake

Today I will be trying a new approach with the daily prompt. I have been given the prompt “Summer in a cabin by a lake.” I have no idea what the question here is so I will do what comes to my mind and hopefully it makes sense.

The first thing I thought of doing when I read this prompt was to write a short story. And another thing that I thought of was just writing what it made me think of. So I will do both.

A Summer In a Cabin by a Lake

“We need an escape!” said Alexa. She was feeling drained from another busy week of work. Just because she was better at her job then the people didn’t mean that they can dump more work on her. But that is exactly what happened.

“I have an idea.” replied James. “Why don’t we go to my uncle’s cabin by the lake? He isn’t using it and it is beautiful in the summer.” Alexa pictured laying by the water soaking up the sun with James and knew that that was exactly what she needed.”

“Let’s do it. We haven’t had a vacation in so long. This might be just what we both need to recharge.”

The End

When I read this prompt, I imagined how good that scenery would feel. the serene calmness surrounding me would be a great escape from the loud city life that is New York City. And I would read to my heart’s content. Hopefully the food there is also great!

What do you think of when you read this prompt?

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