Daily Prompt: What Do You Like Most About Your Writing?

Today I am answering the daily prompt “What do you like most about your writing?” As a writer, this question is a hard one because how do you judge your own writing?

I will try to answer it nonetheless. My favorite thing about my writing would be how free flowing it tends to be. I don’t limit to any specific rules and just write to write. There are many different styles out there and different publications want different things. But even then, your writing style has to define who you are.

With that said, I try not to be too opinionated. I will try to stick to the facts and will only write an opinion if that part of the articles requires so. And if I’m trying to write a joke that I feel like has to go there because of what preceded it.

Anyway, there you have it. What do you like most about your writing?

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10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What Do You Like Most About Your Writing?

  1. Lloyd William Wakefield says:

    That’s a tough question, alright. For me, it happened during a NaNoWriMo where I was typing furiously every day and I’d go to bed wondering where my own words would take me tomorrow as if reading someone else’s work. It was kind of magical and it should be my goal to do it without November!

  2. Ritika says:

    Yes, while writing styles and frameworks are good, your individuality is what makes a read worth it! :_

  3. Ritika says:

    Also, could you help me with this daily prompt exercise? Where is it? I do need some prompts to help me write regularly

  4. Sreesiva says:

    For me.. Writing is a way to express myself and it helps me a lot to understand myself, whenever I feel lonely or depressed I used pour out, not in social platform but in my diaries it gives me relief. 😌

  5. Dynra says:

    For me, it would be the fact of feeling more confident to do it in my second language (English), getting more comfortable with it and discovering the differences between translations and meanings between English and Spanish (my natural language). It can be exciting, the discoveries on how culture and language cross and create.


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