Daily Prompt: What is Something You Knew How To Do and Why?

A previous daily prompt that I am going to be answering today asked “What is something you knew how to do and why?” This is a prompt that I have thought of before so answering it won’t be too hard. Or I hope so anyway.

Something I wish I knew how to do would be coding. I know, I can still learn it but my interest and I feel like payoff isn’t there. If I did it when I was younger, I would be more enthusiastic about it. I would like to know how to code because it is integral in running website. And the amount of things I would be able to do digitally would give a freedom and understanding I feel like I don’t have.

Growing up, I was fascinated by Youtube and the content created on the website. I’ve always been reserved and didn’t want to be in any videos so I never posted any myself. If I was less reserve, I would have been a Youtuber.

Something else I would like to know how to do would be play the guitar. I know that it is something I can still learn but my interest is not that strong to do so. As to why, I think playing an instrument is a cool skill to have and I admire it.

What is something you knew how to do?

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