Daily Prompt: Where Do You Go When You Need Solitude?

Today, I will be answering the daily-prompt “Where do you go when you need solitude?” An interesting question that takes the mind on a journey.

I usually will go to the beach when I need to be alone. Hearing the waves and the beautiful scenery always brings a sense of calmness. Looking across the water, I remember how big the world is and it makes my problems seem trivial.

If I am unable to go to the beach, then I would go to a park. Not those playground ones but the ones with trees all around and usually a lake. I end up walking around and thinking about things and I feel refreshed and usually tired from all the walking.

Do you have ago-to place the you want to be alone?

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Where Do You Go When You Need Solitude?

  1. CG says:

    Love the ocean, where it feels like the pulse of the earth, but now it is 1500 miles away, so I opt for a lovely park with a river, ducks ( in the summer) and benches.

  2. Jasmine Zust says:

    I love the ocean too! I wish I lived near the ocean. Hearing ocean waves is one of my favorite sounds! Since I don’t live near the ocean, I usually will either spend time in my bedroom or take a walk outside on some trails that have a lot of trees. Makes me feel at peace.


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