Daily-Prompt: What Is Your Favorite Part of Yourself?

Today I will be answering the daily-prompt “What is your favorite part of yourself?” What I like about these daily prompts is that they can be something external or something internal like this prompt. It makes me get out of my comfort zone and I am enjoying this feeling.

My favorite part about myself would be my optimism. This was an easy prompt to answer for me. I have a positive outlook in life and don’t let things get me down. There’s too much amazing things happening around me for me to not be cheerful.

Besides my optimism, I don’t really have another answer for this prompt. There’s a bunch of things I like and a bunch I do not like. But I wouldn’t really thing about it as being a favorite. That is why I like this question because it is an interesting way to look at things.

Do you have a favorite part of yourself?

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