Daily Prompt: Someone Who Inspired Me and Why

The prompt I will be answering is “Who is Someone who Inspired you and Why?” What a great question and I really had to think about this one.

The reason I say I had to think about it is because I feel like nowadays I don’t get inspired by people. I set goals and try to meet them. That is how I live my life. But I did inspire a bunch of people growing up.

The first person that came to my head was the late great Nelson Mandela. He passed away a few years ago and I was sad. His life accomplishments are impressive but what impressed me more was his resolve. He fought to end Apartheid and was sentenced to over 25 years in jail. When he was freed, he became the first president of South Africa.

His story is amazing for so many reasons. I ask myself if I would waste away 27 years in jail for something I believe in? Would you? Yea, it’s not an easy choice.

After Mandela, there isn’t anyone who really inspired me. I admire people but that is not the same thing. So I’ll end it here for now. Who is someone that inspired you?

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Someone Who Inspired Me and Why

  1. Supernatural Hippie says:

    I thought David Bowie was pretty inspiring. A real Star Man. One of the main reasons being, apart from his obvious talent and boundless creativity, he did his own thing. He wanted to be creative and he moulded the universe to suit that. He was in control, a real trail blazer he didn’t get told what to do because he created his own system. For me it’s mostly musicians and artists and poet’s that inspire me. And some positive thinking gurus and humanitarians too. ❤️

  2. Janet from FL says:

    Nelson Mandela is a good choice! It’s hard to choose just 1 person who inspires me. Some of my favorite authors inspire me, because they are good people with strong faith in God, and are encouraging and generous — such as, Mary DeMuth and Beth Moore. I am also inspired by Gabby Giffords who survived a gunshot to the head while she was a member of the U.S. Congress, and her husband Mark Kelly (former astronaut) who are fighting for gun control in our country.


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