My Journey So Far on Patreon

I wanted to give an update on my Patreon journey and what I have learned from a couple of days being there. First and fore most, I have yet to get one Patron member. The pricing, how active you are, and what you have to offer seems to be of little importance.

By that, I mean that Patreon requires you to “gather” your supporters from other social media pages onto Patreon. There is little to no way Patreon to spread the word on their website. So if you want to thrive on Patreon, you will have to tweet or post your Patreon url or blog posts to various social media websites.

The one little upside is that Patreon does make it easy to share your Patreon links. But it has not helped me so far.

I have been posting content on Patreon that is not a finished product and it has led to me uploading stuff there more often. Those articles will be published this week but I will admit, Patreon does help me be more productive. So it Patreon does work out, I do see myself churning out more content and mixing it a lot more.

I will break down Patreon a bit for those unfamiliar with the website. For a recurring monthly price, creators give access to members to see exclusive content, see some content early, see behind-the-scenes stuff, and chat with the creator. There are different tiers which are priced differently and can vary from $1 a month to $20 a month. The pricing is up to the creator and Patreon takes a small amount.

While I am a fan of Patreon so far, I have not seen any success yet. I will give it a couple of weeks and see where it is and decide then if I want to stay on the website.

Hopefully this helps answer a bunch of your questions and I will any more questions in the comment or another article. Have a great day!

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5 thoughts on “My Journey So Far on Patreon

  1. ShiraDest says:

    Sounds not very different from Medium, perhaps without the free option. Sounds like it won’t be for me, but I appreciate this update.

    Good luck,

    1. Ahaqir says:

      Well it does have the free option but that seems counterproductive since you want people to become a member and get exclusive content. Medium at least has an audience even though it seems you also have to self promote their also


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