I have made a Patreon Account For This Blog

I decided to finally give Patreon a chance. For the longest time, I thought Patreon would not be a good choice for me because I write articles and people aren’t going to want to support that. But the more I write, the more I realized that if I had a Patreon, I could focus on creating content and not worry about money and page views.

So I decided to create a Patreon and have decided to post a lot of my drafts and unfinished projects there. I do think the potential with Patreon is big and I can do a lot more behind the scenes stuff. Currently, I have no idea how this venture is going to go but I will give it a try for a month or two and see what comes of it.

What would you like to see on the Patreon?

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6 thoughts on “I have made a Patreon Account For This Blog

  1. ShiraDest says:

    Good luck!

    I may join you there, after I finish this round of posting my lesson plans and finish editing Do Better.

  2. Maryanne says:

    I’d love to go anywhere where there is intellect, reading, writing, and support of writers in general.
    I’m trying to figure it out myself. My newest (and best) client wants me to share my articles on social media, but Facebook and Instagram are jokes because people only want to see pictures–and as an aging woman it’s getting pretty tired taking nice photos of myself just to get “likes.” It’s a long hard journey for writers in general, but even harder for a woman. Let me know how Patreon goes. Maybe writers can get together and brainstorm ideas for those who love to read and support each other. Good luck!

    1. Ahaqir says:

      I’ll let you know. From what I’m hearing, Patreon still requires you to advertise to Facebook and Instagram and Twitter so it’s pretty much that same community.

  3. Stuart Danker says:

    Patreon has always been a tricky platform for writers, and I’m wishing you all the best with your journey. Have read your latest post on it too, but am hoping that it turns out great for you!


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