Book Review: Jurassic Park

Many people know Jurassic Park the movie but the novel by Michael Crichton should not be forgotten. Before the novel and movie adaption, there weren’t many good movies about dinosaur and now, Jurassic Park is a household franchise.

Jurassic Park: Summary

Jurassic Park book cover
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

In the year 1989, a few people are introduced to Jurassic Park. It is an island inhabited by various species of dinosaurs that has been turned into a theme park. The dinosaurs have been cloned using dinosaur DNA found in amber and the missing genetic codes have been filled in with DNA from modern animals that have similar DNA. And all the dinosaurs on the island are female in order to control the population.

The theme park is not open to the public because of some prior incidents. John Hammond, billionaire and founder of International Genetic technologies, the company that created the park, has some people visit the island to ensure that it is safe for the public. Some of the people visiting include Hammond’s own grandchildren and world reknown chaos theorist Ian Malcolm.

The visitors explore the park and are shown the safety measures in place. However, the dinosaurs prove to be smart at adapting and fast learners. That puts the visitors in danger and it is up to them to stop the dinosaurs from escaping the island and reaching the mainland.


If you have seen the movie, then you know what happens. Even then, I think you should read the novel. The writing is amazing and characters like Ian Malcolm shine even more than he did in the movie. Plus, you get to really dive into the island with Crichton’s writing.

I loved the novel (probably more than the movie) and love the attention to detail. Crichton not only wrote about a great topic; he also wrote a masterpiece with a lot of research. Everything comes off believable and makes you wonder how far away we are from doing the impossible. One thing for sure though, dinosaurs should stay extinct for everyone’s benefit.

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