Book Review: Dark Matter

The science fiction genre is a gift that keeps on giving. There are tons of great books under this genre and I hadn’t realized how many I loved until I started writing reviews. Today we will be reviewing Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Jason Dessen was walking home like any other night in Chicago when he is knocked unconscious by a stranger. When Jason wakes up, he is strapped to a gurney in a hazmat suit and being congratulated by strangers. They think he is someone they know and he pretends to go along with it until he has more information.

The world Jason is in resembles his own but some things are different. And his family does not exist in this word. If Jason wants too return to his old life, he must learn all that the person who knocked him unconscious if he wants to return to his to family in his own world before its too late. 

When I first read this novel, I remember how I had to keep on reading to know what was going on. The narration leaves the reader as clueless as Jason in the novel. But when we do get some sense of what is going on, there is even more stuff that happens that makes the novel great.

As the reader, we are hoping for Jason to somehow get ahead of everything but he can’t until he knows exactly what happened. And that is not easy to do when the supernatural is involved. Like any other person, Jason doesn’t believe what has transpired until he has no choice but to believe it.

Dark Matter instantly became one of my favorite novels and it is definitely a book I will be revisiting in the future. When you think the science fiction genre can’t get any better, an author comes along to prove you wrong and you are glad they did.

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