Book Series Review: The Chronicles of Narnia

Continuing the trend, we will be diving into another children’s series, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

The Chronicles of Narnia follow four children Ann, Martin, Rose and Peter. While playing, the accidentally end up in Narnia, a world where animals can talk and magic is real. The children get caught up in a battle between animals and the witch that rules Narnia. It is up to the children to save their friend and the residents of Narnia with the help of a lion and new friends they make.

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Throughout the series, the children return to Narnia but time works differently in Narnia so a year can be hundreds of years in Narnia. There are also different villains and not all the children go back to Narnia in every book.

Many people have read the books and it is a big part of many people’s childhood. Even today, it is still inspiring books such as The Magicians. While the books are meant for children, there are a lot of adult themes and religion throughout the book.

The word Narnia derives from a city in Italy called Narni. The latin translation is Narnia and Lewis loved how the name sounded so he chose it for his novel. And a heads up when reading the books because they don’t follow the order they were published in. So make sure you look up the right order or you will be confused.

I recently read all of them and they aren’t too long so its a short read. I really did like the world building by Lewis and how the children were dealing with adult stuff with the mindset of children. The writing is great, Narnia is great, and it is easy to see why millions of people love these timeless children’s books.

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