Book Review: A Storm of Swords

Continuing on with the Game of Thrones trilogy, we will be diving into the third book in the series A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin. Be forewarned, there are spoilers ahead and you should wait until you finish the last book in the series A Clash of Kings before reading this review.

The war between the five kings is still going on from the last novel. One of the five kings has fallen and I won’t spoil it for anyone. The remaining four kings are still fighting for the kingdom and allegiances and loyalties are being tested. The Kingdom in the North faces adversity when decisions are made without input and may have dire consequences.

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For Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch, the war being fought for the kingdom is irrelevant. They are getting ready to fight wildings and are vastly outnumbered. Mance Rayder has united the different tribes of willings and plans to take down the Wall and invade Westeros.

And finally, we are seeing Daenerys Targaryen come into her own as she conquers kingdoms with her new army and fast-developing dragons. However, she doesn’t have the army or the resources to conquer Westeros or cross the sea dividing her from Westeros. But she has new-found power and influence and people are listening to what she has to say.

Like always, my short summaries do little justice to the Game of Thrones world. There are so many characters I didn’t mention and other events going on that are important to the novel. But that summary should be more than enough to show Westeros has many stories to tell.

Just like its predecessors, A Storm of Swords is eventful. All the main pieces are moving and Martin does whatever he wants. That means characters and plots aren’t dragged out unnecessarily. So if you have started reading the Game of Thrones books, then this one will do the same!

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