Book Review: The Time Keeper

Books that tackle simple ideas that we don’t think about twice but affect everyone make you realize how we take things for granted. The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom will make you realize how grateful we should be of time.

Dor is the first time keeper in the world and he is punished by god for it. Now he must spend forever keeping track of people’s concern with time. In order to finally pass on, he is tasked with helping two people, a teenage girl and an old man, with their problems concerning time.

The Time Keeper is a beautiful tale that is a must read. Not only does Albom write a good story, he also reminds us to appreciate time. The message conveyed in the books flies off the pages and resonates easily.

This novel is a great short read that you can read on train rides or at a cafe. I recommend this novel if you have trouble balancing time or need to reset you internal clock and need some perspective or inspiration.

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