Book Review: The Alice Network

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn is a spy novel centered around World War 1 and World War 2. We get to see a bunch of great female protagonists and how atrocious war can be. Quinn does a wonderful job telling a haunting tale with a great spin.

Charlotte St Clair, Charlie for short, is a smart college girl who is pregnant and teams up with a retired female spy and a butler with a mysterious past. They are trying to track down Charlie’s best friend from childhood who has been missing since World War 2 ended. Now, the trio will travel around France trying to track down clues that will lead to her friend Rose.

What I loved about this book is that it isn’t what it seems at first. We are given a great mystery that gets more convuloted as the novel unfolds. What’s more, we begin to see how everything is tied and how it all connects to the present. Eve Gardiner is as strong as a protagonist as you will see in any novel and Quinn really makes her come to life.

There are a lot of novels that center around World War 2 but I think this book stands out in this crowded genre. The writing is great, the characters feel very real and the mystery keeps you hooked. This is writing at it’s finest and not many authors can do that regarding a complex plot and an interesting mix of characters.

I definitely recommend this novel to any fans of mystery and spy novels, World War 2 novel fans, and fans of great female protagonists. Great writing and great characters and the perfect mystery seldom come together like this but when they do, it makes for a great read.

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