Classic Books: Should You Read Them or Avoid Them?

We all remember certain books we were forced to read in school. The classics. They were written by authors like Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf and Charles Dickens. Most people don’t pay much attention to these books because as kids, being forced to read a book is not fun. Should we even read classic books at all?

This is a tricky topic because while you can label books as classics, they are all different. Different authors have different styles, different eras have different styles and etc. And who gets to decide what book is a classic or not? I am not a fan of the old writing style that many classic books have and that puts off many readers. Authors weren’t afforded the luxury that many are in today’s age where we encourage freedom and experimentation.

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I will admit, I avoided older books for a while. I preferred to read modern books and that is still true today. However, I wanted to read classic books because these are supposedly the best books of all time. I can’t agree that every book I read that was labeled a classic an amazing read. Some books are very formulaic and gets dull fast. However, I will admit that most classic books I read were great and I was glad I gave them a chance.

Many people don’t like classic books because of their school experience with them and I understand that. Schools don’t do the best job of picking the best books to read in class. That is why people should read the classic books after finishing high school. Reading a book too young can make a person miss the point of a book entirely. I have come to appreciate reading books at an older age and I know I wouldn’t have liked some books if I read them too early.

So yes, the classics are worth reading. You won’t like all of them but you will definitely find a few gems and wonder why you waited so long to read it. Happy reading!

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